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Configuring Outlook Express to view newsgroup postings

  1. Please open Outlook Express, and go to Tools >> Accounts.
  2. Please click on the Add button and then select News... .

    Add News

  3. Type in your Full Name in the Display Name field and then click on Next.

    Display Name

  4. Type in your Email Address in the E-Mail Address field and then click on Next.

    E-Mail Address

  5. Type in in the News (NNTP) Server field. Put a check mark next to My news server requires me to logon and then click on Next. Note: If you are using an on-campus connection or BOL dial-up, you do not need to specify "My news server requires me to logon".

    News Server

  6. Type in your UCLA Logon ID in the Account name field and then click on Next.

    Accout name

  7. You have now finished setting up Outlook Express for newsgroups. Click on Finish.


  8. Click on Tools >> Accounts , double click, click on the Advanced tab, and check the box that says This server requires a secure connection (SSL).
  9. Click Finish. You have successfully setup Outlook Express for newsgroup access.

Using Outlook Express to read newsgroup postings

To start downloading newsgroup postings, you will first need to subscribe to the newsgroups you want to download.

  1. Please open Outlook Express, and click on the icon. If this is the first time that you are using Outlook Express to download newsgroups, a window will pop up asking you You are not subscribed to any newsgroups on this account. Would you like to view a list of available groups now? Select Yes.
  2. You will see a list of available newsgroups. Please subscribe to the ones you wish to download, and click OK .
  3. Click on the newsgroup name to download the messages into your Outlook Express.
  4. If you wish to add more subscriptions, please click on the icon and click on the Newsgroups button to view the list of available newsgroups.