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Guest Network Logon IDs

Bruin OnLine offers UCLA faculty and staff the option of providing guest network logon IDs for their sponsored guests. Guest logon IDs will provide access to UCLA's GACNET classrooms and wireless network through the UCLA Campus Public Network Portal. Temporary network logon IDs may be obtained two different ways:

  • Guests may request logon ID's from their sponsor by submitting a guest logon request
  • UCLA faculty and staff may obtain guest logon IDs directly by registering them using the guest registration application

Please remember that guest logons do not provide users with any other BOL privileges, such as email, dial-up, proxy server access, BOL software downloads, VPN access, or personal webspace. Guests that require a logon for a longer period of time or access to specific BOL/campus services may be eligible for a UCLA Logon ID. Requirements for obtaining a UCLA Logon ID can be found here.

All guests must adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use as stated in the Acceptable Use Policy. Additionally, guests must take all necessary steps and precautions to avoid compromising the UCLA network. Sponsors are ultimately responsible for the actions of guests on UCLA's network and provide guest network logon on good faith that guests will not engage in any illegal or abusive actions while using the UCLA network.

Guest Network Logon ID Requests

Guests with a UCLA faculty and staff sponsor may request a temporary guest network logon ID by filling out our online request form. All sponsors must have a valid UCLA Logon ID in order to register guest logon IDs. The online request form is available at:

This submission will generate an email to your sponsor requesting that they login to the system and approve your temporary logon ID. Should your sponsor approve your request, he/she will then contact you with your required authentication information.

Guest Logon ID Registration

Single Guest

UCLA faculty and staff with a valid UCLA Logon ID may request a temporary guest network logon ID for a period of 1, 3, 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 days by accessing the guest login ID creation application at:

After submitting this information, a guest logon ID and password will be generated and printed on the screen for immediate use.

Bulk Creation

UCLA faculty and staff may also request temporary guest network logon IDs in bulk (i.e. for campus events, conferences, etc.) for a period of 1, 3, 7, or 14 days by accessing the application at:

After submitting this information, your guest logon IDs will be generated and printed on the screen along with activation codes. A PDF document containing the same information will also be e-mailed to your BOL e-mail address. Bulk created guest logon IDs must be activated by the guest prior to use.