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BOL Email Alias

An email alias is an alternate email address that forwards mail to your email account without you having to provide your account name. Your UCLA Logon ID can be "hidden" by an email alias. Suppose your name is Janet Josephine Bruin and your UCLA Logon ID is jjb. You could set up an email alias that allows you to use as your email address. The email alias could then be used in professional communications as it is a better identifier than

BOL email account holders have the opportunity to create one permanent alternate email address, known as an alias, which will forward to their regular BOL email account. Setting up an email alias is OPTIONAL.

  • Alias Example:

Once created, email aliases cannot be changed and will only function as an email address. An alias cannot be used for authentication purposes (logging on to services such as dialup, email, proxy servers, etc.). Incoming email messages to either your BOL email address or your alias, if created, will be delivered to the same account. Temporary accounts (concurrently enrolled extension students, visiting scholars, postdocs, etc.) are not eligible to create an alias.

The requirements for the alias are as follows:

  • the email alias must be 3 and 40 characters in length.
  • the email alias must contain at least one dot (.) character.
  • the email alias must begin with a letter and end with either a letter or a number.
  • the email alias can consist only of letters, numbers, and dots.
  • the email alias is not case-sensitive.

For example, the account could have the email alias Mail to both addresses will arrive at the same place. The following aliases would NOT be valid:

  • (ends in a dot character)
  • (begins with a dot character)
  • (doesn't contain a dot character)
  • janet* (doesn't contain a dot character)

Email aliases are PERMANENT and cannot be changed. The email alias can be used as a user's preferred email address that is provided to others and used externally to UCLA. Users can set up an email alias here:

If you have additional questions, see the Email Alias FAQs located here. You can also contact us with any questions at (310)267-HELP (4357) option 1, or at