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IT Services/Bruin OnLine Acceptable Use Policies

In support of the University's mission of teaching, research, and public service, Information Technology Services (IT Services) provides computing, networking, and information resources to UCLA's students, faculty, and staff.

IT Services provides the UCLA community with access to local, national, and international sources of information in an atmosphere that encourages information sharing, access to a rich collection of services, open and free discussion for academic purposes, and other University-related uses.

Unfortunately, computing resources can be used improperly, sometimes quite unintentionally and, in rare instances, deliberately. Accordingly, for both your personal benefit and the benefit of others, you must assume responsibility for making the best possible use of your privileges, and not abusing them.

All existing laws (federal and state) and University regulations and policies apply, including not only those laws and regulations that are specific to computers and networks, but also those that may apply generally to personal conduct.