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6/27/2008: Beware of UCLA-Targeted Phishing Attacks

Originally posted on 5/12/2008

UCLA's Bruin OnLine and UCLA's Director of IT Security are aware of continuing occurrences of email messages which are being sent to UCLA account holders asking for your private logon information. The term for this type of message is "phishing", which you may have already encountered regarding bank accounts, PayPal accounts, or other e-mail providers. If you have received one of these messages, please IGNORE and immediately DELETE it.

We are certain there will be more of these phishing attempts, which are usually easy to spot because they request your account information (username, password, and/or challenge/response phrases) and other sensitive information (date of birth, University ID Number, etc.). Be aware that the Bruin OnLine staff will never request your password nor challenge/response phrases for any reason. If you receive any suspected phishing message, you should not use any links embedded in the e-mail, nor should you reply to the message. If you have any questions regarding a message's authenticity, immediately contact the help desk of your service provider.

If you did reply to an email with your UCLA logon account information or have any questions regarding phishing, please contact the Bruin OnLine Help Desk at (310) 267-HELP (4357), option 1, stop by our office at 124 Kerckhoff Hall, or email us at