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7/10/2006: Sophos Client Upgrade Requirements

Users running an older version of the Sophos client (3.x . 4.07 for Windows, 3.83 for Mac OS X), provided by and updated through Bruin OnLine, must upgrade to one of the following newer versions as soon as possible:

  • Windows 2000/XP - 5.2.3
  • Windows 9x/ME - 4.5.13
  • Mac OS X - 4.8.1

This upgrade is required for several reasons:

  • The shutdown and redeployment of the servers providing updates to older clients
  • End of support from Sophos for older clients
  • The increased integration of the newer clients with the operating system (i.e., Windows Security Center)
  • The improved application interface and the combination of the anti-virus scanner and auto-update services into a single application (Windows)

In addition, the newest Sophos client allows application upgrades via an integrated auto-update process, which should minimize future manual upgrades.

Determining Which Version You Have

Users can determine which version of Sophos they are running by performing the following steps:

  1. Launch Sophos Anti-Virus
  2. In the Help drop-down menu (Windows) or Sophos Anti-Virus drop-down menu (Mac OS X), choose About or About Sophos Anti-Virus
  3. The version number will appear in the resulting window

Windows users can also tell if they must upgrade by noticing which Sophos icon exists in the Windows System Tray. Users with the "purple sun/flower" icon must upgrade. Users with the "shield" icon do not need to take any action (Mac users should still verify their version number).

Before installing the newest version, Windows users must remove the older version of Sophos manually, using the Add/Remove Control Panel in Windows. Users must be sure to remove both the Sophos Anti-Virus and Sophos Remote Update applications. Users having difficulty removing the various Sophos components, can use the Sophos removal tool provided here (right click and choose Save Target As):

Users should reboot their system after running the tool. Mac OS X users can install the most recent version without uninstalling the older version, as the newer version overwrites the older version.

Upgrading Your Client

Users with an out-of-date version of Sophos can upgrade by downloading and installing the most recently supported version of Sophos from the BOL website at:

Installation troubleshooting tips for the newer versions of the Sophos client are available here:

Deadline for Upgrading

The servers providing updates to older Sophos clients will be removed from service no later than 11/15/06. Clients that have not been upgraded will fail to receive virus definition and application updates after that date.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. If you have any questions or experience any problems with upgrading your Sophos client, please contact the BOL Help Desk at (310)267-4357, option 1, or at We thank you for your understanding.