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05/21/2001: Retirement of Old UCLA DNS Servers

On May 5th, 2000, CTS successfully completed the migration and activation of the new UCLA root nameservers. With subsequent testing completed, and nearly a year of stable production, the old nameservers are being retired.

The old nameservers below are being retired on May 21st at 1300, and should be removed from departmental and dialup nameserver configuration files.
The new UCLA domain nameservers are as follows:  (primary)  (secondary)  (tertiary)

The old nameservers should be removed from users' nameserver configuration files and replaced with the new namerservers listed above.

On-Campus Machines

If your machine is connected directly to the campus backbone, contact your Computer Support Coordinator for assistance in updating your network configuration.


If you are dialing up to the BOL modem pools, see our Updating DNS Entries page for instructions on how to reconfigure your computer.